20th September 2014 Weston-super-Mare. This is our team of readers.  We always suggest that you chose whoever you are drawn to on the day.  That will be the right person for you.

Azure Dawn - Aura Photos - Paul Atkins


Aurbic Art - Penny Jones  




Penny is based in Weymouth, Dorset. Aurbic Art is a play on the words Aura and Orbs  which are features of her painting. She works in vibrant Water Colour and depends upon Spiritual Inspiration.  

A range of Prints and Cards are available. She also paints individual large Orb pictures at MBS fairs. These Orbs are circles of Colour depicting a Loved one or Spirit Guide.

www.pennyjonesaurbicart.com        email  aurbicart@yahoo.co.uk

Jenny-Ann - Clairvoyant & Medium 




Working as a Clairvoyant Medium, Jenny Ann serves many Spiritual Churches and Centres across the UK.  The guidance she offers through her clairvoyance, psychic art and healing is inspired directly from Spirit and in her own unique way Jenny can help to guide you through your life path and improve your spiritual awareness. Based in Glastonbury, Jenny as a Spiritual healer, Crystal Practitioner and Reiki Master will often combine healing with her readings. As a Spiritual Development teacher Jenny Ann holds development groups in both Glastonbury & Highbridge - she also runs the Glastonbury Centre of Light Spiritualist Church & the Highbridge Centre of Light. Many of her workshops are held around the country where she is the visiting medium.  She has appeared on Your Destiny TV.  Contact Jenny Ann on  07811 764272 or at Yin Yang 10 High St, Glastonbury tel:  01458 832420    Jenny Ann Clairvoyant Medium, spiritual healer and psychic artist. Check out her website for workshop, development courses, circles, and private readings.  http://www.jennyann.co.uk.


Joanne Hopes - Tarot Readings




 jo_spiritworld@outlook.com  07738180576


 Mary Earle- Clairvoyant, Medium - Angelic Inspired Readings




Mary Earle is a Psycho-Spiritual Therapist, clairvoyant and healer. Inspired by Angels she has been working for many years to support people in making life changes, enabling people to move on from unhealthy past experiences that prevent them living in joy and love.  Working holistically, Mary can help you embark upon a voyage of self-discovery, embracing all aspects of yourself - mind, body and spirit - healing the past and moving onto a healthier, brighter future.  So experience an Angelic Inspired Reading and feel the presence and love of Angels.   Blessings to you              Mary            01452 383376       therapies@maryearle.com


Morning Light Readings  Nazsun




Welcome to your opportunity to shed light on your life path. We are all so often presented with life lessons that, although difficult at times, also gives us the chance to learn and grow. My intention at Morning Light Readings is to use the guidance provided through the cards and ribbons to help you reveal what your life lessons might be and empower you to make your own choices that you feel will best support you on your own journey through life. It also is a way for you to identify windows of opportunity that will enhance your growth and learning.

I do not aim to walk or put myself in your shoes, for the fear that we might all get corns as a result (A slight re-wording of First Nations' wisdom, humorous as it is potent). We all have our own paths to walk, however, it can be made easier with support in identifying the sign posts.


Sue Chard - Spiritualist Medium & Psychic




I am a Spiritualist Medium, Healer & Psychic; my work varies from church services to fairs and shows. I am also a teacher running many Awareness & Development Circles and workshops to help people understand themselves and develop their own abilities to channel spirit. I also do house investigations and help people who are 'troubled by' spirits.  Added to this are private readings, demonstrations, parties and Psychic Suppers.  I work only with Spirit, not using any tools such as cards or crystals etc. I am an SNU trained and an approved Healer which brings me great joy to channel these beautiful healing energies to help others, working regularly in the church where I completed my training. For more information see http://www.suechard.co.uk sue@suechard.co.uk or ring 01934 527166  07816460367


Vivienne Godwin  Elfin Queen at Elfintreeweavings